Friday, 25 September 2009

Working Hard (On more Transformers...)

I've been drawing lots of Transformers recently, which is never a bad thing.
For those who know me, they know I'm a toy collector, and now that Marvel Legends figures have more or less disappeared, I'm now solely a Transformers collector, and I have like 100 of the little blighters to show for it, so its definitely more than a nostalgia kick.

Anyways, I've drawn, inked coloured and lettered a 1 page Transformers comic (written by Mario Coleman of Apocalypse Comics) for IDW's "Transformers: Mosaics" series, which I'll put up on here at some point in the future, maybe once its been published online by IDW.

But, all is not lost, Here is a Bruticus commission I've done, also for Mario, to display in his Comic Shop. This commission was done for the princely sum of (Drum Roll Please...) A 1985 Transformers Video. Yeah, a VIDEO. Thats how much of a Transformers fan I am, I create artwork that takes 2 days for a piece of redundant technology I can't use. Good Times!

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On the Transformers front, I found some line art, drawn by the awesome Casey Coller, and decided to try my hand at some realistic (Well, comic style realism) colour and tone, and I think the results are pretty good.
Credit goes to Casey Coller of IDW comics for the awesome line work!

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As usual, comments are greatly appreciated!

'Till all are Won,


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  1. Hi Sam,
    I've put a preview on my blogspot of our Mosaic I will be a God. See

    I hope the Mosaic will be put soon on the deviant and IDW forum by Jos van Reyk, but that's not in my hand.
    Soon I will have another piece for you to colour again. If you have the time for it, ofcourse. ^^